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Workers' Compensation

Handling workers’ compensation claims can be challenging, but Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine’s dedicated team helps organizations and their employees through the process. We will manage and treat work-related injuries covered under workers’ compensation, while maintaining open lines of communication with all parties involved, including patients, employers, insurance providers, claims adjusters, and attorneys. In addition to boasting a team of board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians and surgeons, we employ a renowned rehabilitation team of physical and occupational therapists to help patients recover from their injury and get back to work.

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Five Signs That Say "See A Doctor"

Did you know that we have m ore than 300 bones and joints in our bodies? If one of them isn't functioning properly, you could be in for a world of pain and discomfort. An orthopaedic physician specializes in the entire musculoskeletal system and utilizes both surgical and non-surgical processes to treat patients.

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Rotator Cuff Repair

with Albert Volk, MD

Albert Volk, MD, one of the founding partners of Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine, is a fellowship-trained knee and shoulder reconstructive and sports medicine surgeon. He has two board certifications with the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons, one in Orthopaedic Surgery and the other in Sports Medicine. Dr. Volk has been at the forefront of shoulder surgery, reducing the invasiveness of the procedure and limiting the recovery time post-op. He has extensive experience in treating conditions of the shoulder, mostly through arthroscopic procedures, and was previously the Chief Medical Advisor for the Professional Women’s Tennis Association.

An Update on the COVID-19

The safety and well-being of our patients and community members are our highest priority. OASA continues to actively monitor the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in our communities.

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What Are the Top 5 Worst Shoulder Exercises You Can Do?

As one of the least stable joints in your body, shoulder exercises can help strengthen surrounding muscles and improve range of motion. However, due to its instability, some shoulder exercises can actually damage your shoulder, particularly your rotator cuff, which is the group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder and hold the joint […]

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Five Steps for Dealing with Shin Splints from Playing Soccer

Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome, are a form of leg injury that causes pain in the lower front area of the leg. The pain often comes from too much stress on the shinbone, its tissues, and the surrounding muscles. Due to the nature of the sport, shin splints are a common injury for […]

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5 Myths About Lower Back Pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association, about 31 million Americans experience lower back pain. While a number of factors contribute to lower back pain, such as lack of stretching, sports or exercise accidents, or improper lifting of heavy objects, what can potentially be more harmful are lower back pain misconceptions that may prevent you from […]

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Common Volleyball Injuries

From spiking and serving to bumping and blocking, volleyball involves many of the same motions that make players more prone to certain types of injuries. Below are common volleyball-related orthopaedic injuries, ways to prevent them, and how to recover from them.  Upper Body Volleyball Injuries  Repetitive overhead motions commonly cause these arm and upper body […]

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