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3 Everyday Activities that are Hurting your Neck

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Neck pain is a common ailment affecting Americans nation-wide. Some of the activities we do every day that we don’t think twice about, are actually huge contributing factors to the pain. If you’re suffering from nagging neck pain and you do any of these activities on a regular basis, breaking those habits can go a long way to helping prevent pain and stiffness.

Looking Down

While looking down is part of our everyday lives, constantly keeping your head forward while you drive, or tilting forward to look at a phone or computer screen can put a great deal of stress on your neck. While these may seem like insignificant actions, the frequency of which we do them adds up.

When you tilt your head forward, neck pain and soreness are the most common issue. More severe cases can lead to upper back spasms, or even premature spinal degradation leading to arthritis.

Here are some ways to fight the dreaded ‘text-neck’:

  • Hold your phone closer to eye level to prevent your neck from bending at an extreme angle
  • Take frequent breaks when working at your phone or computer for an extended period of time
  • Try using a more ergonomically set up workspace if you work at a computer for most of the day

Nicotine Use

While negative effects of nicotine are widely-known, one of the lesser-known issues is that nicotine can actually accelerate degenerative disc disease in the upper spine. Nicotine is a vaso-constrictor, meaning that blood flow is slowed to parts of the body, causing the discs in your spine to become deprived of the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Your Sleeping Position

Though you’re unaware of it while you’re asleep, the position in which you sleep actually has a huge effect on the health of your neck. Sleeping on your stomach places a great deal of stress on your neck, as it requires you to turn your head sharply to the side. While this doesn’t cause immediate pain, leaving your head in that position for hours on end can do significant damage over time.

It may be awkward initially, but adopting a new sleeping position or using no pillow can help your neck remain in a healthier position.

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