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4 Top Reasons Physical Therapy Is Important

4 Top Reasons Physical Therapy Is Important

The human body can do incredible things and is often pushed to, or even past, its limits. If you play a sport or participate in strenuous physical activity, you understand the toll it can take on your body. An important thing to remember is that like any machine, your body needs care and maintenance to remain in top performing condition.

That’s where physical therapy comes in. Physical therapy is a healthcare profession that involves the promotion of scientific-based rehabilitative treatments to maintain optimal physical function; therefore, it is a very important component for those who partake in sports and rigorous physical activity.

4 Reasons Physical Therapy Is Important

There are many reasons physical therapy is important, but the following are arguably the most important:

  1. Pain Reduction

    Constant pain can negatively impact one’s life. If left unaddressed, pain can cause compounding and continued issues. Physical therapy can help address acute and chronic pain using different modalities. Some examples include therapeutic exercise and joint mobilization methods.

  2. Injury Prevention

    Although physical therapy is often considered as post-injury treatments that are employed after-the-fact, engaging in physical therapy alongside your activities can actually maximize your physical performance and outcomes. Physical therapy can prime your body for injury prevention with specific therapeutic regiments, stretches, and disciplines.

  3. Faster Recovery

    If you regularly engage in physical activities like exercising and sports, chances are they’re a big and important part of your life. Following an injury, a good physical therapist can assist you in getting back to your beloved activity faster and without risking reinjury.

  4. Surgery Prevention

    Physical therapy is often recommended by doctors as an option to avoid unnecessary surgery. However, even if surgery is unavoidable due to the extent of an injury, physical therapy has been shown to improve post-op recovery time.

Your Advanced Physical Therapy Treatment Provider

Whether you’re experiencing pain from a sports injury, recovering from surgery, or simply want to keep your body in optimal condition to perform your best, the advanced treatment options provided by the team of physical and occupational therapists at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine are here to help.

At Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine, we’re proud to play a role in assisting people regain mobility and get back to their daily routines free of pain. If you’ve experienced an orthopaedic injury or ailment, our team is here to help. Please request an appointment online or give us a call at 904-825-0540.


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