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5 Golf-Related Exercises

5 Golf-Related Exercises

It’s common for golfers of all skill levels to experience discomfort at some point. Whether you’re a beginner at golf or hit the course every day, exercise and stretching will help strengthen your core and relieve any pain. Here are five golf-related exercises to help loosen you up and improve your game.

5 Exercises to Help Your Golf Game

  1. Rotation Lunges – This exercise creates the separation between your upper and lower body that is necessary for a powerful golf swing. Stand and then lunge to where your back knee is lightly touching the floor. Once you’ve lowered into the lunge, reach across your body while pointing your opposite hand at the ceiling.
  2. Lateral Pillar Bridge – Lateral pillar bridges increase flexibility in your lower body which also helps your swing. Lie on one side with your feet stacked and your elbow under your shoulder. Gently push your hip off the ground, creating a straight line with your body, and hold for three seconds at a time. It’s important to keep your spine aligned so your hips can open up.
  3. Medicine Ball Rotations – Core rotations focus on your four abdominal muscles. These rotations can be done with anything from a dumbbell to a medicine ball. Sit on the floor in a crunch position with your arms holding the weighted object and your feet hovering off the floor. Rotate your upper body to opposite sides for one repetition. Perform this twice with 25 reps each set.
  4. Cat-Camels – Cat and camel stretches work your spine to increase mobilization. It also strengthens a variety of muscles, giving you better rotation. Begin in a “table” position with your hands and knees on the floor. To perform the “cat,” sink your back into the floor as you raise your head. The “camel” stretch is the opposite, where you tuck your head and tailbone to arch your spine.
  5. 90/90 Stretch – This last exercise focuses on your shoulders for more mobility. Lie on one side with a straight bottom leg and the top leg bent. The inside of your knee should be on the ground. Slowly rotate your trunk while trying to put your top shoulder blade on the ground.

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