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Ankle Sprains: High vs. Low

Ankle Sprains: High vs. Low

Ankle Sprains: High vs. Low. Foot and Ankle Center Orthopaedic Associates of St Augustine The ankle is one of the most complex and heavily used joints in the entire body, as a result there are an estimated 25,000 ankle injuries each day in the US alone. Chances are that you or somebody you know has suffered an ankle sprain but not all sprains are alike. Depending on where the injury is located, both low and high ankle sprains are possible.

High Ankle Injury

Known medically as a syndesmotic ankle injury, high ankle injuries occur when the foot and ankle rotate together, stretching the tissues that hold the tibia and fibula together. High ankle injuries get their name from occurring above the ankle joint itself and generally require a longer rehabilitation period to fully recover compared to a low ankle injury.

Low Ankle Injury

A low ankle injury is what most people think of when they picture the classic ankle sprain. The most common low ankle injury is called an inversion ankle sprain.  This occurs when the ankle rolls inwards, stretching the connecting tissue within the ankle joint. Eighty percent of all low ankle injuries are inversion sprains, with the remainder being eversion sprains. An eversion ankle sprain occurs when the ankle rolls outward.


If you’ve suffered from an ankle injury, it is crucial to see a foot and ankle doctor who will build a treatment plan that suits your unique injury.

After your sprain has healed, your physician may recommend an icing regimen, additional rehabilitation exercises, or the use of an ankle brace as a means of preventing future injuries. Each time an ankle sprain happens, the affected ligaments loosen, increasing the odds of a subsequent injury.

If you’ve suffered from an ankle sprain, our team of foot and ankle physicians can help you on the road to recovery. Request an appointment online, or call us at 904-825-0540 today.


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