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What Is Jersey Finger?

From head-on tackles to unexpected sideswipes, players in contact sports face a lot of risks in their athletic careers. Even something as simple as grabbing another player’s jersey puts athletes at risk of a tendon injury known as jersey finger. To better help players avoid this injury, let’s first take a look at the causes […]

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Avoiding and Treating IT Band Syndrome as a Trail Runner

Each sport puts athletes at unique risks of injury. Tennis players are more prone to medial epicondylitis, whereas swimmers are increasingly vulnerable to bicep tendonitis. For trail runners, however, one of the most prominent injuries they face is IT band syndrome.  Trail Runners and IT Band Syndrome  Running is a high-impact activity. Therefore, runners are […]

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Common Causes of Elbow Pain

Even at its worst, countless patients attribute elbow pain to be a symptom of aging or a side effect of training. Soreness or temporary discomfort are indeed common and often benign, but chronic, sharp elbow pain should never go unevaluated. Below are a few of the most common causes of elbow pain that requires professional […]

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6 Common Baseball Injuries

Pitching, swinging, and running aren’t isolated movements; they’re compound exercises which require a full range of motion. Therefore, baseball players are vulnerable to a number of injuries in a number of areas. The following injuries are some of the most common among baseball players of all ages, positions, and leagues. Wrist | Tendonitis Throwing, catching, […]

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How to Avoid Overtraining

Pushing harder and digging deeper are common themes in fitness culture. However, reaching too far with an exercise routine can put any athlete at risk of overtraining syndrome (OTS). Common symptoms of OTS include chronic joint pain, prolonged soreness, and excess fatigue. Such symptoms can affect athletic performance, but they can also increase the likelihood […]

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6 Knee Exercises for Healthy Joints

Over time and with activity, knee joints can experience wear, tear, and injury. Notwithstanding, one of the best ways to protect the knee joints is to focus on exercises that target the areas surrounding them. The following leg exercises will help to minimize knee joint trauma, strengthen the adjacent muscles, and prevent injury. Bench Step-Ups […]

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Common Causes of Back Pain

There are a number of factors that lead to temporary back pain — poor posture, improper exercise, and general overuse. However, back pain that won’t seem to go away is often the cause of another underlying issue. Here’s a look at the leading factors that cause back pain, related diagnoses, and typical treatments. Leading Factors […]

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4 Hip Symptoms to Never Ignore

From young athletes to active seniors, no patient is completely safe from hip problems. Fortunately for most, the symptoms of their joint pain are often limited to short-term discomfort. Patients who experience any of the following symptoms, however, may be dealing with a more serious underlying condition. Stiffness and Pain That Interrupts Sleep While it […]

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Sprained Ankle vs. Broken Ankle: How to Tell the Difference

Regardless of an athlete’s sport, activity level, and skill, ankle trauma is as close as one false step away. While some injuries — such as sprains — are often mild enough to return from in just a few days, others — such as fractures — can leave players sidelined for weeks to months. Therefore, quickly and […]

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Common Pickleball Injuries

Pickleball is a racquet sport that blends the principles of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. The game is played either outdoors or indoors on a badminton-sized court with a net that is similar to a tennis net. Players use a paddle that is much smaller than a tennis racquet but larger than a ping-pong paddle and […]

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