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Best Core Stabilization Exercises

Best Core Stabilization Exercises

A strong core is crucial to everyday life. Core strength helps protect your back, relieve pain, and improve your balance and posture. If you’re looking for ways to stabilize your core, consider the following exercises.

Top Exercises for Core Strengthening and Stabilizing

  • Forearm Planks

    Planks help build your core as well as your shoulders and hips. To perform forearm planks, lay on the ground and lift your body off the ground while balancing on your forearms, bent elbows, and toes with your feet hip width apart. To increase difficulty, start with your feet together and alternate with lateral toe taps.

  • Side Planks

    A plank modification that also helps stabilize the core is the side plank. Laying on your side with legs extended, raise your body off the ground and support it with a single forearm. To increase difficulty, raise your top arm up above the chest and then rotate it and your rib cage toward the ground. You can also perform a modified side plank with your bottom knee touching the ground.

  • Stretches

    Different stretch positions can stabilize your core while serving as a warm-up or cool-down to your work-out. The floor prone cobra position involves lying on the floor with arms to the side and then slowly lifting your arms off the ground. An additional stretch to try is the bird dog. Start in a table position (your hand and knees touching the floor), and extend one foot to hip height and raise the opposite arm. Hold for 20 seconds, and then switch sides.

  • Non-Equipment Exercises

    Some exercises don’t need equipment and can be done in your own home. Supine toe taps involve lifting your knees to 90 degrees while lying on your back and lowering one leg at a time to the floor. A hip bridge starts in the same position while keeping your feet on the floor and slowly lifting one leg at a time. Be careful not to overextend or dip your spine while doing hip bridges.

  • Equipment Exercises

    Other core stabilizing exercises require gym equipment. Chest presses can either be performed on a bench or on the ground with dumbbells. Single-leg deadlifts are also performed with dumbbells and involve keeping your body parallel to the floor.

If you have suffered an injury that has weakened your core or prevents you from performing core stabilizing exercises, contact the professionals at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine.

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