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Best Shoulder Workouts to Reduce Injury

Best Shoulder Workouts to Reduce Injury

Your shoulder is one of the most complex joints in your body; it can be easy to injure and tough to recover from. The best way to both prevent and recover from shoulder damage is stretching. If you’re looking to strengthen your shoulders, try these shoulder-injury-reducing exercises.

Exercises to Prevent Shoulder Injuries

  1. Standing Rows – This exercise works your lower and middle trapezius and involves using an exercise band. Attach the looped band to a doorknob or stable object. Facing the object, hold  the other end of the band and lean back while bending your elbows at your side. Gently pull your elbows straight back while keeping your arms close and squeeze your shoulder blades together, then slowly return to your original position.
  2. Lateral Arm Raises – Arm raises help work the supraspinatus muscle which stabilizes your shoulder joint. It’s best to use a light set of dumbbells for added weight. Stand straight while holding the dumbbells down at your sides. Then slowly extend your arms straight out to the side raising the weights to form a “T” shape. It’s important to not lock your elbows, and don’t overextend your arms by raising them above your shoulders.
  3. Shoulder Rotations – Rotations increase both strength and stability. This exercise can be performed two ways, externally or internally. For external rotations, hold one end of an exercise band with your elbow bent 90 degrees at shoulder height. While keeping your shoulder and elbow level, raise your arm to be in line with your head and slowly return to the original position. To perform an internal rotation, hold the exercise band with your elbow bent at your side and gently bring your arm across your body.
  4. Wall Shoulder Raises – This exercise helps improve posture while strengthening your rotator cuffs, giving you an increased range of motion. Wall shoulder raises also require no equipment. Start by standing against a wall with your head, elbows and hands all touching the wall’s surface. While keeping your body touching the wall, slowly raise your arms above your head and then lower them.

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