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6 Common Dance-Related Injuries

Dancers are no stranger to injuries. Due to the remarkable strength and flexibility they must possess for the extensive hours they put into their craft, dancers are often subjected to most of the typical injuries that athletes face, with a particular focus on the hips, knees, and feet. Here are six of the most common […]

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Orthopedic Problems and Obesity

While people with obesity can often suffer from commonly known health problems, including heart disease and diabetes, they can also face orthopaedic, or musculoskeletal, challenges. Read on to learn the effects of obesity on the musculoskeletal system and where to find help.  Common Orthopaedic Conditions Related to Obesity According to the Centers for Disease Control […]

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5 Ways To Treat Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee, clinically known as patellofemoral pain syndrome, is a common injury that describes pain in the kneecap area. While anyone can get this injury, it happens most often to athletes that depend on their knees to run and jump frequently. If you have developed runner’s knee, you’ll want to take the right steps to […]

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The Right Running Shoes: 4 Tips on Picking Your Pair

Running shoes are a key investment for athletes in any stage of their fitness journey. The right pair can enhance performance, protect the feet, and add necessary traction. In contrast, the wrong pair can cause bruising, blistering, and serious joint injuries. Here are four tips for finding the right running shoes.   Have a Gait Analysis  […]

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Top Myths and Misconceptions About Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain begs two questions: What is causing the pain, and what is the right way to treat it? Although it’s a common complaint among young, old, athletic, and sedentary patients, it’s also one of the most commonly mismanaged. Read up on the top myths and misconceptions about lower back pain below.  Lifting Causes […]

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How to Exercise When Traveling

Whether on the road for work or out of town for vacation, being away from home and on a different schedule often equates to missing workouts. Although each patient has a unique relationship with exercise — some consider it an obligation they should find time for, while others consider it a lifestyle choice they want […]

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What Is Text Neck?

Modern technology has revolutionized communication, art, and learning. However, the everyday — and often excessive — use of phones, tablets, computers, and televisions is a known contributor of various orthopaedic complications. A technology-induced condition suffered by millions of smartphone users, text neck is currently one of the most prominent causes of neck pain. What Causes […]

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Back Pain: What Does It Mean and Why Does It Start?

Even in the mildest of cases, back pain is frustrating and distracting — and it frequently stumps patients searching for an effective remedy. What does back pain mean? Why does it start? Understanding the answers to these questions is the first step in finding an adequate, appropriate solution.  Locating Back Pain  Although back pain can […]

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Preventing Gymnastics Injuries in Children: 4 Training Tips

Parents might enroll their children in gymnastics for a number of reasons — to promote exercise, encourage balance, or instill self-discipline. Young athletes are more likely to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle habits, but they are also at greater risk of sustaining acute, traumatic, and even chronic injuries. Fortunately, there are several injury-prevention practices that […]

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Figure Skating Injuries: Treatment and Prevention

Behind every elegant, effortless figure skating routine are countless hours of practice. In many figures, this leads to either the development of overuse injuries or the occurrence of traumatic ones. Below are common practices used to treat and prevent such injuries.  Injuries in Figure Skaters  Figure skaters are at increased risk for sustaining the following […]

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