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Recognizing and Treating Shin Splints

If you are a runner, soccer player, dancer, or tennis player, chances are you have dealt with the dreaded shin splints at some point in your life. This condition often appears when your legs are overworked or overstressed. When you sharply increase the amount of exercise you do or if you change your exercise regimen, […]

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Recovery Guide for Foot and Ankle Surgery

Healthy feet and ankles are crucial for all of life’s tasks. Surgical repair gives the best chance of a full recovery from a serious injury to either the foot or ankle. Broken bones in your feet and torn ligaments in your ankle won’t hobble or pain you for the rest of your life, thanks to […]

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Hypermobility Syndrome: Causes and Treatments

Joint hypermobility syndrome is a condition which is characterized by joints that have an abnormal increase in mobility. A person may be able to bend their wrists, elbows, ankles, or other joints past the normal range of motion. In many people, this condition is unproblematic and does not cause them any adverse complications. But in […]

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Physical Therapy Goals for AC Joint Injuries

Located at the highest point of the shoulder, the acromioclavicular joint (or AC joint) connects the clavicle (collarbone) and the acromion, which is part of the scapula or shoulder blade. A painful AC joint dislocation can result from a sports accident, fall, or other trauma — leaving your shoulder dislocated. The severity of an AC joint separation […]

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Arthroscopic Surgery for Common Sports Injuries

Athletes of today are pushing their bodies further than we once thought possible. An unfortunate byproduct of pushing the envelope, however, is an increase in the frequency of injuries – especially in the knee or shoulder. Anybody from casual athletes to top-tier professionals are susceptible to injury, but thankfully there are minimally invasive treatment options […]

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Frozen Shoulder Symptoms and Treatment

Also known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder makes the shoulder joint difficult to move while causing pain, eventually resulting in the shoulder becoming very difficult to move. Frozen shoulder is most common in middle-aged people from ages 40 to 60, and is more common in women than men. Those who are diabetic are also more […]

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Ruptured Disc Treatment and Recovery

Working as shock absorbers between your large vertebral bones, spinal discs are found throughout the spinal column in your back including your cervical spine. Your spinal discs are vital to the everyday comfort and functionality of your spine. If your spinal column becomes injured due to acute trauma or gradually over time and these cushioning […]

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Growth Plate Injuries in Children

Though anybody can injure or fracture a bone, children are susceptible to another type of skeletal injury – growth plate injuries. Just as their name suggests, these are injuries at the growth plate in not-fully-developed bone, where tissue forms at the ends of long bones in children. Until a person’s skeleton is fully matured, every […]

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Choosing Orthopaedic-Friendly Shoes

If you’re treating some sort of acute or chronic condition, or you’re simply looking for a way to improve and maintain your foot health, orthopaedic-friendly shoes are a great asset. They can help treat and prevent everything from blisters, to bone spurs and arthritis — all of which can be caused by wearing improper or […]

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Decompression Surgery of the Spine

Spinal decompression surgery is not a single procedure, but rather an umbrella term that refers to a range of procedures that are designed to relieve symptoms associated with compression of the spinal cord or nerve roots within the spine. Surgical options include corpectomy, diskectomy, laminotomy, foraminotomy, or osteophyte removal, and which is best depends on […]

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