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When Does an Achilles Tendon Rupture Occur?

Knowing when an Achilles tendon rupture occurs can not only help patients in preventing injury, but also help them to better identify injury. Below is an overview of the activities that may cause an Achilles tendon rupture, common risk factors, and symptoms of injury.  Rupturing the Achilles Tendon  Connecting the heel to the calf muscles, […]

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Lower Body Injuries While Playing Soccer

As a cutting and pivoting sport, soccer places a lot of strain on the lower body. Therefore, soccer players are subject to sustain a range of injuries in multiple areas in the legs, ankles, and feet. While the fear of injury shouldn’t hinder players from participating in the sport, it should motivate coaches and athletes […]

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Elbow Injuries in Children

For children, elbow injuries are an all-too-familiar consequence of play. From the jungle gym to the ball field, there are plenty of opportunities for accidents to happen. Listed below are the most commonly reported elbow injuries in children, their symptoms, and standard treatment alternatives.    Acute Elbow Injuries in Children  Whether they’re jumping, climbing, running, or […]

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How Volleyball Players Can Prevent ACL Injuries

From shifting and cutting to jumping and diving, the chances of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are multiplied in every volleyball set. Trauma to the ACL can sideline players anywhere from seven to nine months, which means just one accident may cost them an entire season. Therefore, ACL injury prevention practices, exercises, and routines are […]

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Types of Tennis Strokes

A game of tennis forces players to compete not only aggressively but also creatively. Reaching overhead, swinging upward, and slicing outward, there are countless ways to strike the ball, but most players tend to stick with the tried-and-true basics. Those who consistently return to the same technique or attempt to branch out without proper form, […]

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Safe Sports Activities With a Joint Replacement

A joint replacement isn’t a life sentence to a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, patients with joint replacements can easily get involved with a variety of sports and exercises. The following low-impact activities are ideal for joint replacement recipients who are finally ready to return to an active routine.  Water Aerobics and Swimming Aquatic activity not […]

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What Is Jersey Finger?

From head-on tackles to unexpected sideswipes, players in contact sports face a lot of risks in their athletic careers. Even something as simple as grabbing another player’s jersey puts athletes at risk of a tendon injury known as jersey finger. To better help players avoid this injury, let’s first take a look at the causes […]

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Avoiding and Treating IT Band Syndrome as a Trail Runner

Each sport puts athletes at unique risks of injury. Tennis players are more prone to medial epicondylitis, whereas swimmers are increasingly vulnerable to bicep tendonitis. For trail runners, however, one of the most prominent injuries they face is IT band syndrome.  Trail Runners and IT Band Syndrome  Running is a high-impact activity. Therefore, runners are […]

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Common Causes of Elbow Pain

Even at its worst, countless patients attribute elbow pain to be a symptom of aging or a side effect of training. Soreness or temporary discomfort are indeed common and often benign, but chronic, sharp elbow pain should never go unevaluated. Below are a few of the most common causes of elbow pain that requires professional […]

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6 Common Baseball Injuries

Pitching, swinging, and running aren’t isolated movements; they’re compound exercises which require a full range of motion. Therefore, baseball players are vulnerable to a number of injuries in a number of areas. The following injuries are some of the most common among baseball players of all ages, positions, and leagues. Wrist | Tendonitis Throwing, catching, […]

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