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How to Exercise When Traveling

How to Exercise When Traveling

Whether on the road for work or out of town for vacation, being away from home and on a different schedule often equates to missing workouts. Although each patient has a unique relationship with exercise — some consider it an obligation they should find time for, while others consider it a lifestyle choice they want to make time for — the following rules of thumb will assist any traveler in maintaining a healthy, active routine.  

Pack With Intention

Even the slightest barriers to entry can prevent patients from exercising at home, which means preparedness and convenience are of the utmost importance during travel. Furthermore, having a mixture of athletic and orthopaedic equipment on hand can encourage activity and facilitate recovery. Below is a well-rounded blend of fitness items to pack for a trip. 

  • Running shoes, hiking boots, or other athletic footwear 
  • Exercise apparel
  • Jump-rope 
  • A yoga mat 
  • Light, medium, or heavy resistance bands 
  • A foam roller 

Step To It 

From cars and buses to trains and planes, excess transportation translates to excess sitting. Frequent or extended walks may reduce and minimize the muscle stiffness that often follows a long flight or bus ride. Moreover, this effective form of cardio engages key muscle groups without costing a lot of energy. Instead of sitting around the airport before a flight, venture through the building. Or, instead of standing around waiting to hail a cab or hop on a bus for a short ride, consider walking or renting a bicycle for quick, local trips at a destination. 

Do a Trial Run 

For some, working out requires focus that can only be found in the gym. To stay dedicated and on track while traveling, consider signing up for a fitness class or a trial pass at a local fitness center. Many locations offer non-members one-day access or a complimentary class. In addition, a number of hotel chains feature on-site exercise equipment or partner with nearby studios to offer discounts on workout classes ranging from low-impact yoga to high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  

Create an Active Itinerary 

Even if it’s for business, traveling should still be enjoyable. If spending time at the gym or working out in a hotel room isn’t appealing, there are always other means of exercise to choose from. Available and affordable activities, however, will vary based on location and time of year. Here are a few popular activities that easily fit into almost any itinerary. 

  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Snowboarding
  • Attending a dance class 
  • Practicing yoga 
  • Swimming 
  • Golfing 

Stay in Shape With Orthopaedic Specialists 

Whether your main concern is preventing atrophy or staying on track with rehabilitation, the orthopaedic specialists at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine deliver top-quality care before takeoff and upon return. Working with any injuries, conditions, or concerns you may have, our specialists will help create a safe, effective routine to take with you on your travels. Complete our request form online to or dial 904-825-0540 to schedule an appointment. 


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