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How to Fix a Kink in the Neck

How to Fix a Kink in the Neck

Stiffness, discomfort, and difficulty moving are all symptoms of a kink in the neck. Just as there are multiple ways to describe this type of neck pain — a crook, crick, or crimp — there are also multiple ways to remedy it. Below are some of the top causes of mild neck pain and the most effective treatment options. 

What Causes a Kink in the Neck? 

The following lifestyle factors are known causes of neck pain: 

  • General posture

    Spending long hours in front of a computer, textbook, or television without an ergonomic chair, a proper keyboard and computer setup, or correct posture may lead to neck strain. 

  • Sleeping position

    Certain sleeping positions will irritate the neck throughout the night, causing stiffness and soreness. Likewise, pillows that are too high or too low may promote neck pain. 

  • Electronic devices

    Smartphones and other devices can cause users to exhibit poor posture, which places pressure on the neck. Holding a phone between the neck and shoulders can also irritate the neck and back.  

  • Repetitive use

    Swimmers, weightlifters, and many other athletes are prone to kinks in the neck because of chronic usage and tension. Improper form can also cause mild neck pain and injuries among athletes. 

Fortunately, the majority of neck kink cases are acute. Chronic or severe pain, however, is a potential symptom of a more serious condition. 

Curing and Preventing a Kink in the Neck

Below are a few ways patients can remedy a kink in the neck and help prevent future neck pain. 

  • Making lifestyle changes

    A new sleeping position or a more ergonomic workspace 

  • Trying orthopaedic exercises

    Slow, controlled stretches multiple times a day 

  • Seeking clinical consultation

    A physical examination from an orthopaedic specialist

The Orthopaedic Approach to Neck Pain

In most cases, a kink in the neck is a temporary, mild problem. If you experience neck pain that worsens or persists, consult an orthopaedic specialist. From the first physical examination to the final physical therapy appointment, our team at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine is here to help you regain motion, eliminate pain, and return to a healthy, regular routine. Complete our online request form or call 904-825-0540 to schedule an appointment. 


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