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Wrist Arthroscopy

St. Augustine hand surgeonThe hand is one of the most utilized parts of the body and because of this any injury of the wrist can be debilitating. Wrist arthroscopy is a surgical procedure used to diagnose and treat many conditions of the wrist. As a complex joint that consists of eight small bones and many ligaments, any treatment of the wrist demands pinpoint accuracy. Wrist arthroscopy enables precision treatment for conditions such as wrist pain, fractures, cysts, ligament tears, and carpal tunnel.

The Procedure and Recovery

Wrist arthroscopy uses an arthroscope, a small fiber optic instrument, to see inside the joint through minimally invasive incisions. It provides our hand and wrist surgeon with a magnified and precise view of the bones, cartilage and ligaments. Without arthroscopy the ability to detect and treat conditions within complex joints such as the wrist would be much more difficult.

One of the biggest benefits of wrist arthroscopy is that it encourages a speedy recovery time. The incisions required to insert the arthroscope are only a few millimeters in length and therefore any surgery required is minimally invasive. Patients also tend to experience less pain, stiffness and swelling after surgery. Following wrist arthroscopy patients are given a protective bandage and a splint may be used to keep the wrist straight while it recovers. In addition to at-home care instructions to improve mobility and reduce pain, physical therapy may be recommended as part of recovery.

If you have ongoing wrist pain or recently experienced a wrist injury, you may be a candidate for wrist arthroscopy. To learn more about wrist arthroscopy and to visit our Hand and Wrist Center, please request an appointment or call 904-825-0540.