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Prepare for the Return of Spring Sports

Spring Sports are Returning

With the advent of spring, new sports seasons begin. Your kids may feel eager and happy to be able to play and train outside again. Even if they play winter sports, spring athletics often require a different form of conditioning. It is critical to adequately prepare for this transition to avoid injuries.

Encourage Preparation

If your child has been sedentary for the winter, support exercises that will build stamina, such as jogging or circuit training, before starting a new season. With older kids, their coach may recommend conditioning activities specific to the sport. Conditioning is critical to ensuring that your child’s body is ready for the strains of spring sports without being injured. In addition, you can always join in the conditioning exercises to spend quality time together and help you stay in shape.

Consider Switching Sports

Avoid injury from overusing a particular muscle set. This is especially true for young people who don’t take time off between sports. The body needs time to rest and heal. So, if your child plays sports that use the same muscles, such as baseball and basketball, it might be right for them to either take time off, or try a different sport that won’t constantly use the same muscle set.

For young athletes who play overhead sports like baseball or volleyball, conditions like little leaguer’s shoulder are common due to the open growth plates in the athlete’s shoulder. Other commonly injured areas include the elbow, back, and knees. If your young athlete is experiencing nagging pain, the Sports Medicine Center at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine is here to help. Our team of orthopaedic surgeons and primary care sports medicine physicians are able to provide the most effective treatment and rehabilitation available.

Get a Check-up

Luckily, many sports programs require athletes to receive a physical before the season begins. Verify with the coach what type of physical is needed so that you will have plenty of time to schedule an appointment with your family doctor or pediatrician. In the event of a sports injury, request an appointment online, or call us at 904-825-0540. Our professionals care about you and your child’s health and will give you the time and attention to make sure your injuries are treated properly.


Dr. McClone - Sports medicine doctor St. AugustineCasey McClone, MD
Board Certifications in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. Dr. McClone specializes in treating musculoskeletal pain for patients of all ages with ultra-sound guided injections.