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Should I Undergo Total Knee Replacement for Arthritis?

Should I Undergo Total Knee Replacement for Arthritis

Knee arthroplasty, otherwise known as total knee replacement, is one of the most commonly performed joint replacement surgeries in the United States. Its primary function is to relieve pain associated with moderate to severe arthritis of the knee, and to help restore proper function of the knee joint.

During a total knee replacement procedure, your surgeon will remove damaged cartilage and a portion of the underlying bone in order to replace them with a prosthetic knee joint.

Each year in the U.S., more than half a million people undergo total knee replacement. With a more than 90% rate of success, it has proven to be an effective means of:

  • Significantly reducing knee pain
  • Greatly improving overall knee function

Although arthroplasty has proven to be a safe and effective solution for arthritis, it is still a major surgical procedure and should be treated as such. We always recommend exhausting all available non-surgical treatments before exploring total knee replacement. Our board certified orthopaedic surgeon and knee replacement expert, James Grimes, MD, is happy to walk you through each step of the process from diagnosis to treatment to recovery.

Is Total Knee Replacement Right for Me?

Not everybody with arthritis is a potential candidate for total knee replacement. Some of the factors that would make a person eligible include:

  • Moderate to severe arthritis of the knee, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-traumatic arthritis that causes pain or immobility interfering with everyday life
  • Difficulty walking, climbing stairs, and standing
  • Moderate to severe pain while sleeping
  • Symptoms that are unable to be regulated or controlled with non-surgical methods such as NSAIDs, therapy, or steroid injections

If your arthritis is growing intolerable and you’ve exhausted all other treatment options, total knee replacement may be the solution you need to get back to the things you love. Dr. Grimes and the rest of our staff are dedicated to relieving your pain and will work with you to create a customized treatment plan for your unique condition, but will only recommend surgery once all non-surgical methods have been tried. Request an appointment online, or call us today at 904-825-0540 with any questions.


James Grimes - Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgeon in St AugustineJAMES GRIMES, MD 
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