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Strength and Stability Exercises for Golfers

Strength and Stability Exercises for Golfers

Practice makes for a perfect round of golf, but the most successful players put in additional effort even when off the course. Without prioritizing strength and stability exercises, golfers are at risk of injuries ranging from intense back pain to elbow tendonitis. While players should always consult their doctor before pursuing or modifying an activity program, there are a few exercises physicians typically recommend for nearly every one of them. 

Mini-Band Walks 

The primary walk in the mini-band series is the mini-band walk forward. For this exercise, gather two small resistance bands. Secure one around the area of your legs just above the knees and one around your ankles. Keeping your knees bent and your back straight, take 10 small steps forward and rest for up to one minute. 

After resting, you can begin your first set of mini-band walks sideways utilizing the same equipment. Maintaining straight posture in your knees and back, take 10 small steps to the right, rest, and repeat with 10 steps to the left. One set of each 10-step motion will catalyze glute and hip activation for the remainder of your workout and assist with swing stability retention long afterwards. 

Parallel Throw 

To prepare for the parallel throw, select a medicine ball with the weight you feel most comfortable handling. Then, stand a few feet from a sturdy wall at a gym or outdoor exercise area. Turn to position your waist and arms away from the wall while holding the ball at waist level. Shift your hip toward the wall and follow with the rest of your upper body to throw it directly against the surface. Prepare to receive the returning ball by positioning one arm to catch the underside and one to catch the backside while keeping your elbows bent. 

After repeating this motion 10 times, rest and switch to the other side and perform another 10 repetitions. This exercise will elevate upper body and abdominal strength to promote swing speed while training your hips and glutes to stabilize under pressure.  

Glute Bridges 

This movement does not require any equipment, but you may want to place a yoga mat or other form of padding on the floor. Lie on your back with your knees bent and arms outstretched to the side. Lift your toes and keep your heels grounded. While engaging your glutes, raise your hips to create a linear bridge from your head to your knees, slowly lower your hips to the floor, and repeat. 

By targeting the hamstrings and glutes, this exercise strengthens the lower back to improve steadiness. After adding glute bridges to their workout routine, golfers will notice improvements in their hip stability when swinging with high impact. 

Orthopaedic Strength and Stability Experts  

Strengthening your swing doesn’t only happen on the green. At Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine, we’re proud to provide physical and occupational therapy to help our patients step up their game without setback. If you need to rehabilitate a specific orthopaedic area for a comeback to the course our team of specialists will recommend the most effective exercises. To schedule an appointment, fill out our online request form or call 904-825-0540. 


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