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The Right Running Shoes: 4 Tips on Picking Your Pair

The Right Running Shoes: 4 Tips on Picking Your Pair

Running shoes are a key investment for athletes in any stage of their fitness journey. The right pair can enhance performance, protect the feet, and add necessary traction. In contrast, the wrong pair can cause bruising, blistering, and serious joint injuries. Here are four tips for finding the right running shoes.  

Have a Gait Analysis 

To choose a shoe that either corrects or accommodates a runner’s gait, the athlete first needs a gait analysis. Runners who pronate or supinate, for example, require running shoes designed with motion control designs and corrective cushioning. On the other hand, runners with a neutral gait most often benefit from shoes with neutral support. Although it is highly recommended to consult an orthopaedist for an accurate, professional examination, many sporting goods stores offer complimentary gait analyses to customers right on-site. 

Try Them on (and Out) 

Finding the correct size is only part of the selection process, because feel should be equally as prioritized as fit. Stroll around the footwear store for a first impression of the shoe’s width, flexibility, and support. Do not assume that stiffness and discomfort will fade with wear or that an uncomfortable shoe will adjust over time. Hold onto any receipts and pay careful attention to a seller’s return policy for footwear, because the fit and feel could change with the introduction of inserts or orthotics at home. 

Shop Based on Activity 

A trail running shoe is not built the same as an everyday running shoe, which means it should never substitute for one. Different activities call for different amounts of traction, types of material, and placement of cushioning. When shopping around for athletic footwear, pay careful attention to the intended usage and features. 

Talk With an Orthopaedic Specialist 

Whether you want to finally pick up a running practice, are returning to running after an injury, or simply want to maintain your long-time stride, the diverse team at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine can assist you in finding the right running shoe. This consists of analyzing your lifestyle, gait, and shoe size, as well as any underlying medical conditions. We are also able to recommend orthotics, physical therapy, and intervention, as needed. Complete our online request form to schedule an appointment or call 904-825-0540.