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Top Myths and Misconceptions About Lower Back Pain

Top Myths and Misconceptions About Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain begs two questions: What is causing the pain, and what is the right way to treat it? Although it’s a common complaint among young, old, athletic, and sedentary patients, it’s also one of the most commonly mismanaged. Read up on the top myths and misconceptions about lower back pain below. 

Lifting Causes Lower Back Pain 

Lifting objects with improper form can certainly lead to back, neck, and shoulder injuries. So, too, can drastically increasing the weight in a given set, but lifting itself isn’t necessarily a cause of lower back pain. In fact, it’s most often used as a form of treatment and injury prevention. A properly designed strength training program enhances muscle strength and increases lean muscle mass, which aids in the offset of muscle fatigue and strain. 

Soft Mattresses Are Bad for the Back 

There is a common misconception that soft mattresses induce back injuries and promote lower back pain. Firmness is a variable that may contribute to a patient’s discomfort, but sleep habits, positioning, and any underlying injuries determine how they respond to different types of mattresses. Additional items such as mattress toppers and pillows also influence comfort, stiffness, and strain. 

Exercise Worsens Lower Back Pain 

Continuing activities that cause pain isn’t a good idea, but guided, gentle exercise is often recommended by specialists as part of the surgical preparation process or the post-op healing process. Physical therapy may also benefit patients with persistent pain that do not require surgery. Working with patients suffering from lower back pain, physical therapists carefully create recovery programs to improve muscle strength and mobility. 

Back Pain Doesn’t Completely Go Away 

Many patients are under the assumption that, although it might temporarily fade, lower back pain never fully subsides. Whether it be the result of an acute injury or an orthpaedic condition, a host of pain management, treatment, and prevention options are available for lower back pain. Even sufferers of chronic discomfort can transition to a pain-free lifestyle with specialized orthopaedic care. For example, eliminating the following risk factors can alleviate existing pain or potentially prevent the onset. 

  • Smoking 
  • Obesity 
  • Poor posture 
  • Lack of exercise

Correct Lower Back Pain With the Right Treatment Plan 

It’s unsafe to make assumptions about your lower back pain and unwise to avoid the consultation and professional opinion of an orthopaedist. At Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine, we treat back pain— which means we’re able to provide long-term care and high-quality treatment options. Fill out our online request form to schedule an appointment, or call our office directly at 904-825-0540.

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