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Treating Hip Injuries in Athletes

Treating Hip Injuries in Athletes

A misstep on the field or a fall on the court can cause a lot of damage to even the toughest athletes. Similarly, wear and tear can eventually take its toll on competitors across all sports. Common athletic hip injuries can range from mild fractures to chronic tendonitis; however, each individual injury requires its own course of treatment. 

Conservative Hip Treatment

Before Orthopaedic specialists decide on surgical intervention, they will often try to remedy hip pain or injury with the most conservative treatment options available, including: 

  • Physical therapy – Orthopaedic specialists sometimes try to first treat tendonitis or causes of snapping hip with a series of rehabilitative exercises in physical therapy. Physical therapy helps to gradually strengthen injured muscles and tendons with controlled movements. 
  • Cortisone shot – By injecting cortisone directly into the inflamed tendon or other affected area, orthopaedists decrease tendon inflammation and relieve tendonitis or causes of snapping hip syndrome.  
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections – By taking a small amount of a patient’s blood, pulling platelets from the blood, centrifuging the platelets into a concentration, and injecting the concentration into the injured site, specialists can stimulate healing in patients with arthritis, tendonitis, and acute ligament injuries. 

Interventional Hip Treatment 

If conservative treatments fail to restore hip mobility or overall comfort, orthopaedic specialists may recommend surgery as the next form of treatment. Some of the most common types of hip surgeries include: 

  • Arthroscopic surgery – Many Orthopaedic specialists prefer this minimally invasive surgical procedure because it requires a few small incisions and offers reduced recovery time. Orthopaedists use arthroscopy for a range of treatments, such as removing bone spurs, repairing damaged tissue (ligaments or labrum), removing loose pieces inside of a joint, and correcting symptoms of FAI. 
  • Hip replacementComplete hip replacement is a procedure that can help restore mobility in patients with severe hip fractures or progressed arthritis. There are a varying number of approaches that an orthopaedic physician may use to conduct a total hip replacement, including posterior and anterior entry. 

Hip Injury Treatment in St. Augustine 

At Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine, we’re proud to offer cutting-edge care, treatment, and rehabilitation in our sports medicine department. Whether you’re suffering from mild hip pain or debilitating joint trauma, our orthopaedic specialists will conduct a thorough examination to uncover the most effective treatment and recovery recommendations. To schedule an appointment, fill out our online request form or call 904-825-0540 today.

Paul Roettges, MDPaul Roettges, MD
A member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American Association of Knee and Hip Surgeries, Dr. Roettges performs hip and knee replacements as well as complex unresolved hip and knee pain.


Sina Kasraeian, MD 
Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and has extensive training in arthroscopy and sports medicine reconstructive procedures.