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Dr. Roettges is very professional and knowledgeable. He is a great listener to listen to your needs and willing to do extra miles to make magic happen. He did the surgery for me at beginning of February and it makes me able to walk normally again. I truly appreciate him.



I was referred by people who work at Flagler Hospital and was not disappointed.  Dr. Lampley took time to explain my situation so I was able to understand it.  Personable, friendly, gave me options, but also a starting point of where we should begin.  A wonderful asset to this practice. Great judgement to whom ever hired him.


Dr. Lampley patient

Dr. Kurtis Hort has been keeping me up and mobile for more than a decade. He is conservative yet very helpful with his diagnoses and treatment. I required more than one arthroscopic repair of my meniscus in my left knee with great success. He is very pleasant and caring. I highly recommend him for helping with knee issues and owe him a great deal of gratitude.Thank you Dr. Hort!

– Edna F.

Edna F
Chris F. Photo

Thanks so much – I made my goal of climbing the St. Augustine lighthouse before the end of the year!  The tips for walking down really helped.

Thanks for the support and expertise. CF

Chris F.

Dr. McClone I can not say enough was/is very thorough and explains your injury and treatment plan in a way that has a patient leaving his office very confident with the information given. I highly recommend him. God forbid I break another bone, I will absolutely keep him.


Andrea S.

I have been going to this office for several years and had several surgeries. I love all of my Doctors and PAs. I’ve always been treated like I was their only patient. Drs. Grimes, Volk & Pearce have made my quality of life so much better. I’m a happier person because of them!

Sharon H.

My name is Carol and I never thought I would walk with a straight back again but I can even dance now. Dr Haycook is the best Spine Surgeon a person could ever ask for. He cared about me from the first office visit I ever had with him. He always seemed to pick up my spirits when I was down. I was almost in a wheelchair and he did surgery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you don’t know how much better my life is.

Carol A.

Dr. Grimes is The Man… after 33 years of knee pain he solved it without an issue. This is your Doctor St. Augustine!!!

William B.

Dr Grimes spent plenty of time to explain what I needed to know about my hamstring injury. We discussed recovery options, etc. at length.

Linda D.

Dr. Grimes was my surgeon for a total hip replacement this week. The whole experience was amazing! I felt that I was well informed throughout the whole process and was given exceptional care. Thank you to Dr. Grimes, his staff and the staff at Flagler Hospital!

Susan Z.

I simply can’t say enough about how wonderful Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine has been to treat with. In the past I have injured my knee and shoulder. Both times I felt like I was getting honest and straight forward treatment. I sometimes think doctors rush to do surgery. I felt the complete opposite when dealing with Dr. Volk and his staff. My experiences have been so good; when my mother broke her wrist and asked for a recommendation I, without reservation, sent her to Dr. Volk.

Andrew M.

THANK you, Dr. McClone, for the exceptional care I received following a back injury at the gym. The office staff got me in very quickly, and my treatment was effective, efficient, and caring. I would refer anyone in need of orthopedic services to Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine.

Anji E

This is my third visit to Orthopedic Associates.  Every time, I have received excellent care and intervention resulting in resolution of different issues.  Today I saw Dr. McClone and wanted to thank him specifically.  He is an excellent listener, treats the patient like a partner in the decision making and care process.

Alice H.

Dear Dr. Haycook,

I bless you every day for the change you brought to my life. When I came to your office I was barely walking with a cane and after a back fusion I am now walking perfectly. My mobility is back to normal and so is my life. What an incredible transformation. I can’t thank you enough.

Diana G.
Larry D. Photo

I am so grateful to Dr. Grimes and the team at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine for fully restoring my mobility, and for completely eliminating the excruciating pain in my knee. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Larry D.
Kurt J. Photo

Over the past decade my ability to do normal tasks began to diminish. My leg pain grew to intolerable levels and I was continually crossing off different “activities” from the list of things I was to be able to do.

After numerous rounds of various treatments and therapies, I began to wonder if I was ever going to get my life back. Once all of the preliminary treatments had been exhausted, I finally, (with the agreement of Dr. Grimes), elected to have both my hips replaced with prosthetics. It was determined first the left, then the right hip were to be done.

Everything went fine with the surgeries and subsequential rehabilitations, nine weeks separated each surgery. By the time I was ready for my second hip to be replaced, my post-op hip had become the stronger, less painful and dominant of the two. All the way through the process, the team effort by OASA was outstanding.

More than a year later, my quality OF life has returned to what it once was nearly a decade earlier. I’ve added most all of the once removed “activities” back on my list of can-do! I am truly amazed on a daily basis that my entire body weight is supported by prosthetic titanium parts. My mobility is tremendous and I’m thoroughly thankful for all that Dr. Grimes and OASA have given me back.

Thank you sincerely,

Kurt J.

Dr.  Haycook was very professional and reassuring.  I felt that he truly listened and understood my concerns.  He was very thorough and understanding.

Judy K.

Dr. Grimes,

Many thanks for the wonderful, successful surgery you performed on my husband, Jimmy.

Jimmy & Rose W.

Dr. Kasraeian,

Thank you for everything you have done for me in helping me recover from my injuries.  I have the utmost gratitude to you.

Fariel K.

Very intelligent, helpful and courteous.

Dave W.

Dr. Sina Kasraeian is an amazing physician and surgeon. Anthony Collins in their physical therapy department is also great. I had to see both of them for over a year for my bad arm break and they got my bone fixed and my range of motion back better than I feel another pair of professionals may have been able to. Great staff all around.

Olivia M.

Dear Dr. Volk,

I just want to say “Thank You” for giving me so much of my life back. I am doing things now that I haven’t been able to do in years!

Thank you

Aletris E.
Amelia B. Photo

My treatment at Orthopaedic Associates has not only helped me recover from my injuries, but as helped me become a stronger athlete all around.  Dr. McClone and Adam (PT) are instructive in their care.  They both took time to relate to and teach me rather than talk at me.  They are second to none!

Amelia B.

Doctor Haycook,

God bless you and your hands of skill and mind of knowledge.

Thank you, thank you

Brenda F.
Bruce F. Photo

Hello Dr. Grimes,

I just wanted to write you a brief “thank you” note of appreciation for the hip replacement surgery that you performed on me in late 2006. I have been hiking and biking in many countries around the world free of pain. Check out this photo of me In the Stirling Ranges, SW Australia, note the good hip strength and flexibility! Again, I am forever grateful for your fine surgical skills. May you live long and healthfully!


Bruce F.

Dr. Hort,

My husband and I want to thank you and your lovely team in the care I received in my operation. You did such a wonderful job on my foot. I am so grateful that you were my surgeon. Thank you for having me as a patient.

Thank you all

Donna B.
Gretchen M. Photo

Dr. Kasraeian,

As a competitive dancer I spend more than 24 hours each week training. Last April and again in November, I had an ankle and later on a knee injury. I was really scared since my competition season was about to begin. You took the time and explained everything to me and helped my understand my injury as well as how you were going to make it better. We decided not to operate and with the help of a lot of physical therapy my ankle and knee were healed. I’m happy to say that this past July I attended the Hall of Fame National Dance Competition and my number won First Place Overall in the Teen Division.

Thank you so much!!!

Gretchen M.

Dear Dr. Stark,

I wanted to write and thank you so much for a successful operation on my right hand for carpal tunnel syndrome. As you can see by this small token of my appreciation, I am able to knit without numbness and pain in my hand, and can now sleep through the night instead of being awakened by pain.

Thanks again!

Helen W.

Please extend my deepest appreciation to Doctor Beth S. Pearce, DPM, for helping me to overcome 11 plus years of pain and suffering. Dr. Pearce is the only physician in 11 plus years who has understood my pain, discomfort and treated the cause, not the symptoms.

I am very fortunate to have made an appointment to be seen by Dr. Grimes. He immediately told me the person most qualified to ease my pain without surgery was Dr. Pearce. I will be forever grateful for his recommendation. Dr. Pearce is a miracle worker and she has won my trust, admiration and respect.

Jacqueline T.
JC Costeira Photo

Dr. Grimes did a total knee replacement surgery for me six weeks ago. Everyone involved with the surgery and recovery in the hospital were great. Dr. Grimes came up to the hospital room after surgery and explained what he did and answered any questions before he left. I felt the surgery went great. I was up and walking the same day. Physical therapy several times a week helped get me back to work and normal activities very quickly. If you are dealing with constant knee pain every day I would recommend seeing Dr. Grimes about knee replacement.

JC Costeira

My first appointment was an evaluation with Geordie Grenier, the PT specialist who would become my regular PT session supervisor. He was concerned, engaged, and positive from the start; looking at the proverbial glass representing my recovery via PT as “half-full” rather than “half-empty.” Twice weekly I attended my PT sessions and did the required stretching and exercises at home, anything to avoid surgery! During my PT sessions at OAOSA I was greatly impressed by all the PT staff, they were cheerful, caring, and encouraging despite patients who were not having very good days.

Thank you so much Geordie…I can now walk heel-to-toe with comfort. It is such a relief to be active again!

Jean P.

Dear Dr. Hort,

March 9th was the one year anniversary of my surgical procedure which you performed in order to correct the work of a previous surgeon was well as to end the constant pain I had been enduring for many years.

I am happy to report that the surgery was a wonderful success. I am pain free, and back to a very active life style including walking, dancing, exercising…all the things I was unable to do for so many years.

All my best

Joan L.
Julie B. Photo

Dr. Volk,

I appreciate the care that yourself and the entire staff showed during my care. My shoulder is as good as new both inside and outside of the arena. I am able to rein perfectly while shooting and carry on the usual schedule I had before injury. I couldn’t be happier with the care I received.

Julie B.

Dr. Grimes,

Knowing you would make anybody grateful. Thanks for… knee surgery. You are the “”. Thank you for such excellent care.


Karen K. (Registered Nurse)

Dear Dr. Grimes,

I literally can NOT thank you enough for squeezing me in to surgery last year – I think I was actually your last procedure of 2016! Wow! You must use a magic wand in the O.R. I’m doing great!! Doing much better than I ever imagined.

Your expertise is AMAZING and so greatly appreciated!!! Thank you for doing what you do – Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

Karine H.
Kathy S. Photo

Dear Dr. Volk & Arlow,

I wanted to thank you for your gentleness and understanding during my recent knee surgery. I was very nervous and both of you had a very calming effect on me. It was so easy! I was up and walking unassisted the day after surgery and not pain. I will forever be singing your praises. Thanks so much!


Kathy S.
Kristin B. Photo

Please forward this message/photo to Dr. Kasraeian at the CR210 office, with our thanks for working with our daughter Caroline to heal her sprained foot in March-
We were up against a tight deadline for healing… as she had an international rhythmic gymnastics meet to compete in just 4 weeks after spraining her foot

He prescribed the right amount of rest – and physical therapy — So not only was she able to compete in the meet… but she beat out 24 other girls in her level to win
First Place All-Around!

Thanks Dr. Kasraeian!

Kristin B.
Madison F. Photo

My name is Madison and I am a NCAA Division II All American swimmer at the University of Tampa. I started competitive swimming for the Sea Devils at the Willie Galimore Center when I was 10 and continued as a Yellow Jacket for St. Augustine High School. I was injury free until my junior year when I was diagnosed with a shoulder impingement. Training changes, physical therapy, and cortisone shots allowed me to finish my freshman year of college and make it to Nationals.

That summer due to continued pain I went to see Dr. Grimes at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine, where I was diagnosed with a rotator cuff and labrum tear necessitating surgery. Post operatively I was unable to use my arm swimming for the next 5 months; I developed my legs and did land training. I eventually got back swimming with a vengeance, achieving personal bests in the 50, 100, 200 freestyle and accepting an invitation to swim at Nationals.

My success is multi-factional but directly the result of the surgical skill of Dr. Grimes and his staff at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine, Ryan Hemelt in physical therapy, and personal hard work.

Madison F.

Dear Dr. Grimes,

I want to thank you for an outstanding total knee replacement. I now walk and climb stairs better than I have in 20 years…straight and with complete confidence…without any support or aid.

Thank you

Mel G.
Paul H. Photo

Dr. James Grimes,

I wanted to send you this brief e-mail with a picture showing me Skiing on a Slalom Ski in Summer Haven Florida, after my right side hip replacement. The picture demonstrates the strength, balance, and flexibility that has been restored since you did my surgery. I am almost 60 years old, was walking the next day, back to work full time at 3 weeks, back to Bikram Yoga, Surfing, and Spinning at 9 weeks, and Water Skiing at 14 weeks, which I started when I was 12 years old.

My life is completely back to normal exercising 6 days a week, with no pain or adverse conditions. My current activity level and positive mental attitude are a direct result of your state of the art, leading edge Anterior surgery techniques.

I had never been in a hospital, or broken a bone before, so deciding surgery was a scary decision.

The staff at Orthopaedics Associates of St. Augustine, Physical Therapy with Ryan Hemelt, and Flagler Hospital were very Professional, Caring, and have allowed me to return to my original life.

Thank you very much

Paul H.

Thanks Dr. Hort,

What you did was amazing! You went above and beyond, you gave your time and energy, you did anything and everything you could and all I can say is…YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!


Robbie R.

Dear Dr. Kasraeian,

Just a note to let you know how very impressed my husband and I are with your bedside manner, the time you spent tirelessly on researching a resolution to my hip fracture complicated by my metastasized breast cancer in the bones, networking me with the best surgeon possible, and your professionalism.

Surgery was very successful and the post-op follow up very positive. The bone pathology report indicated no cancer activity. We encourage you to continue your professionalism.


Roberta & Fred W.

Dr. Pearce,

This is a note to say thank you. Prior to you performing the radio frequency nerve ablation procedure I could not keep a shoe on due to the pain and constant numbness and/or tingling. Since having the procedure, the foot is 80% improved. It is quite freeing to be able to walk barefoot or with a shoe and not anticipate pain with each step. I am grateful that you recommended trying this procedure before jumping into surgery.

Warm regards

Robin T.

Dr. Pearce,

Just a little something to thank you for all that you have done for me.  You sincerely helped me in every possible way to rid the pain I had endured from my accident.  I gratefully appreciate having had you for my doctor.

Many thanks

Sheila E.

Dr. Hort,

I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me. Walking without pain for the first time in years in wonderful!

Thank you

Teresa T.

Dr. Kasraeian,

On February 20th of 2016 I was in a motorcycle accident and subsequently was taken to Flagler Hospital in Saint Augustine, FL, where you were assigned as my Orthopaedic Surgeon. The fate that day of becoming your patient was most fortunate and I will be forever grateful at the incredible work that you did on my left arm. I wanted to take the time to not only thank you but also the entire staff that I have encountered every time I have had an appointment at your office. Always professional, welcoming and making sure that I was always taken care of.

Timothy K.
Trey C. Photo

Dr. Grimes is the only reason I can bust out the workouts like I do. I have sent my entire family just about and many friends to this place. My uncle Russell Showalter most recently. And of all the people have sent all I’ve gotten is positive great feedback. Top-notch Medical Care and wonderfully caring human beings. And it’s all in one place you don’t have to go to different labs, etc.

Trey C.

Dr. Haycook,

Thank you for giving me my life back. I’ve been recommending you to everyone I know of!

Always Grateful to You!

Valerie M.