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What Are Shin Splints?

What Are Shin Splints?

If your shins ache and become inflamed when you exercise, then you may be suffering from shin splints. Also known as medial tibial stress syndrome, shin splints is a condition that results after a large amount of stress has been put on your shinbone. This often occurs among athletes, but it can also occur from everyday stress such as wearing shoes that don’t offer sufficient support. Here are some facts about shin splints and ways that you can prevent and treat the painful ailment.

The Symptoms of Shin Splints 

The main symptoms of shin splits are soreness and pain in your lower leg. In most cases, swelling of the lower leg will also occur. Shin splint pain will usually go away with sufficient rest and may subside temporarily as you stop exercising. However, it is possible and likely that once you start exercising again, the pain will return. If so, then your shin splint has either not been given proper time to fully heal or it may be a more severe case that requires professional treatment. 

Shin Splint Treatments

Shin splints can usually heal without any medical treatment or intervention. If you have a minor shin splint, the best thing to do to help ease swelling is to rest and ice the pained shins for 30 minutes several times a day. However, if your shin splint is causing you major pain, you should consider seeing an orthopaedic specialist for treatment

Preventing Shin Splints 

There are a few different ways you can prevent shin splints. One way is to engage in low-impact sports like swimming over high-impact sports like running. You can also invest in and wear appropriate footwear that provide your feet with the right arch support. Also remember to replace your shoes as they wear out over time. 

Your St. Augustine-Area Orthopaedic Injury Experts

A painful case of shin splints can bring your daily routine to a halt. Fortunately, the orthopaedic specialists and physicians at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine are dedicated to helping those who suffer from shin splints and other orthopaedic injuries regain their mobility. Our expert team has designed shin injury treatment plans and surgical intervention options to help you get back on your feet in a timely manner. 

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