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What Is Proper Computer Posture?

What Is Proper Computer Posture?

Although spending hours in front of a screen is the daily normal for many people, maintaining proper computer posture is not. Slouching down into a chair, leaning on an armrest, or elevating the feet might provide temporary relief, but these positions can also lead to discomfort down the line. Below is a closer look at the importance of proper computer posture with advice on how to comfortably and correctly sit in front of a screen.   

Why Proper Computer Posture Matters

Whether working from home or a traditional office, proper computer posture is key to minimizing and avoiding pain. Incorrect posture and an uncomfortable workspace create extra stress on muscles, ligaments, and joints. Over time, this strain can cause pain, particularly in the neck and back, and lead to poor circulation and digestion. Proper posture promotes spinal alignment, muscle relaxation, and full lung expansion — all of which are seriously important for a productive workday.   

How to Sit With Proper Computer Posture 

Many assume that achieving proper posture is as simple as sitting up straight. However, there are multiple factors that contribute to comfortable, appropriate positioning. Here are some additional tips to promote better posture while sitting in front of a computer: 

  1. Place the computer screen at eye level 
  2. Keep both feet flat on the floor or use a footrest 
  3. Rest the arms and wrists parallel to the floor 
  4. Scoot the hips back into the computer chair 

Ways to Create an Ergonomic Workspace 

Good posture requires conscious effort. However, it becomes much easier to maintain with an ergonomic workspace that includes items such as: 

  • Monitor stands
  • A mousepad
  • A wrist rest 
  • An adjustable chair 

Improve Your Posture with Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine

If you think your desk discomfort might be the result of something beyond your posture, consult an orthopedist. At Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine, we’ll take a look at your history, day-to-day routine, and current condition to get a comprehensive look at what could be causing pain. From there, our orthopedists can recommend ergonomic lifestyle changes or total treatment plans to remedy your medical concerns. To schedule a visit, fill out our online request form or call the office at 904-825-0540.


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